Product group

Select either to include Personal Care Products (PCPs) or Household Care Products (HCPs), or both.


The target population nationality is selected via the ‘Country’ drop - down.

Product usage information on both PCPs and HCPs is available for Germany, Spain, UK and France. PCP data for The Netherlands has been collected in a separate survey ( Biesterbos, et al. (2013). Food and Chemical Toxicology <b>55</b>(0): 8-17 (opens in a new tab) ).

If ‘The Netherlands’ are selected in a combined PCP and HCP assessment, the HCP usage data for Germany are selected from the HCP data set and combined with the PCP usage data for The Netherlands.

The option ‘All available’ will combine usage information on Germany, France, United Kingdom and Spain into one assessment. No attempt is made to scale usage data to the actual population sizes of these countries to provide an accurate representation of the European population.

Exposure Metric

Two different metrics of exposure are supported as an end point of an assessment in PACEMweb:

Systemic dose
The amount of substance absorbed into the body per kg body weight of the exposed individual
Dermal load
The amount of substance per cm2 of exposed skin. Dermal load is associated with the risk of sensitization of sensitizing substances.

Import previous assessment

With the ‘Import’ button a previous assessment that has been stored in a local file can be reopened.

Product group
Exposure metric